Expedition Levels

We have graded our expeditions levels based on two main factors: the activities done throughout the expedition and the recurring period in which they are undertaken (hours and days).

With some weeks of training prior to the expedition, we are confident that you will achieve a fitness level that will allow you to participate in a more challenging expedition.

Not so sure about where you stand? Get in touch with us :)

Level 5

Good to excellent physical/fitness conditions required. Physically demanding throughout the expedition. This level might include long distance hiking, climbing, and/or exposure to high altitude.

Level 4

Good to above average physical/fitness conditions required. This expedition level might also include physically demanding activities for a few days. Nevertheless, they are not continuous throughout the expedition.

Level 3

Average physical/fitness conditions required. Expeditions graded on this level include some physically demanding activities. Yet they will not be very intense for long periods of time.

Level 2

No physical conditions required for this expedition level. There may be some walking and other physical activities, but nothing too demanding.

Level 1

No physical conditions required. No hikes or long walks.  


{Unless stated in the itinerary, outdoor experience such as climbing, hiking, camping, is not required}