Gretel Pahmer Sanchez

Chief Story Teller

Yes, I am actually Hansel’s sister, and I am aware of the tale Hansel & Gretel.

I see beauty on what is different, what makes me wonder. I feel reward when I come to realize social constructs that can be broken for a better world. Traveling made me discover how many rules how many “boundaries” stop us from running free and asking anything and everything that crosses our minds.

Most inspiring experience:

India! The people, the colors, the smells, the (spicy) food, the music, the temples, the variety of scenarios, the crowd… Everything about India.  

Worst travel experience:

Before arriving to India I had a layover of 16 hours in Moscow. I took the chance to get out and explore the city.  However, for some reason I did not feel welcome by the people.

What I do.

• Defend everything, anyone, and anything that might be misunderstood.

• Dream about making a change for a better world.

• Worry about wars and miscommunication in the world

• Live for moments with my family.

• Play loud music and dance to celebrate, to train, to focus, to get inspired, to shut my mind, to let go, to snooze out of my surroundings, or just because why not.

• Constantly looking for new adventures.

• Interview incredible people and share their travel stories.