Hansel Pahmer Sanchez

Co-Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer


“When I am old and wealthy, I will live up to see more children in my country go to school and play in parks.” This is a promised I made to myself while living in Venezuela as a kid. Some promises are meant to be broken. As I am undertaking this promise now, when I am not old (at least I don’t feel old), and definitely not wealthy.  

Most inspiring travel experience:

Watching the sunset on my own at the highest point of the Erg Chebbi’s dunes in the Sahara.

Worst travel experience:

Generally a bad experience always turns into a good story. But I must say, that having a kid trying to sell you roses at 1:00 a.m. At the Plaza Foch in Quito is something that to this day I struggle to digest.

What I do.

  • Constantly irritate friends and family by practicing what I have learned on mindfulness and personal development skills with them.
  • Try to inspire people any way I can.  
  • Watch TED talks. A lot, perhaps too much.
  • Worry about the illiteracy rate in the world.
  • Work on moving humanity forward.
  • Plan, organize and lead Mindfulness Expeditions.
  • Manage Ensō Expeditions and its website.