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Bienvenidos/Welcome to Ecuador! The land of eternal nature and adventure. As you make your way outside with your luggage you will be greeted by your driver and transferred to the beautiful lodge. Enjoy the one-hour drive through the Andes before reaching your destination. In case of any delay or a set back please contact us.  

Today at a welcome dinner, we will introduce ourselves with one another and discuss the upcoming days.

Meals: D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South Inn



Good morning! As this is your first day in the Andes the first thing you should do today is step outside and breath in Pachamama(Mother Earth)We find it very important for you to learn a little bit about the country’s history, culture and geography. For that reason we will visit the historic center of Quito and Mitad del Mundo (half of the world). 

Meals: B/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South Inn 




After a nice breakfast we will head to the Cotopaxi National Park, home to llamas, condors, and herds of wild horses. This exciting adventure will begin with some time to take photos followed by a detailed explanation about this astonishing volcano. Afterwards you will go on a short, yet, incredible trek around Limpiopungo lagoon. Finally, following short instructions on bike safety, you will be free to cycle through the park with your mountain bike.

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South Inn



We begin our day with a delicious breakfast and a beautiful 2-hour drive to the Quilotoa loop. On our way to the lagoon we can appreciate beautiful views of farmlands and little towns including the Zumbahua Canyon. We will make a stop at a local indigenous market, either Saquisili or Pujili. 

On this day, we have the unique opportunity to interact with locals, by visiting one of the natives’ homes to get a better idea of what life is like in this area.

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South In




The extinct Andean volcano of Pasochoa lies approximately one hour away from the lodge. This is an excellent first hike for acclimatization and non-experienced hikers. On your way up keep an eye for the Andean Condor, as this is one of the best places to observe them. Today we will reach an altitude of 4.200 meters.

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South In



Illiniza Norte is truly a magnificent volcanic mountain, where you will enjoy views of snow-capped peaks, rainforest, and beautiful green lagoons. Get ready for a steep climb through a wonderful landscape. For the last part of the climb, your will be assisted with ropes and harnesses to reach the summit. The climb will take from 4 to 6 hours, and 2 hours to descend.

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South In




The hill of Fuya-Fuya (4,265m) is surrounded by what could easily be the most beautiful sight of Otavalo, the Mojanda lakes. On a clear day we may appreciate a unique sight in the horizon, snow-capped peaks of the imposing volcanos. Breath in the fresh air provided by the remnants of the native paramo. This ascend will further prepare you for the higher Andean peaks.

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo Norte In



We continue our expedition in seek of that which drives us to do incredible things. Today we climb the extinct Imbabura volcano, this hike and climb will take us through tall grasses, rocky outcroppings, and lush vegetation high on the mountain. An excellent climb that will further prepare us for the higher peaks.

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: Papagayo Norte In




Today is all about learning glacier climbing at the impressive Cayambe volcano. We will learn all the important skills, security, techniques, and usage of equipment. Feeling a little out of breath will be normal, as we will reach an altitude of 5.000 meters. Appreciate the incredible landscape of the northern hills of Quito and surrounding cities. 

Meals: B/LB/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo Nort Inn

10. 11.


At an altitude of 5.790 meters, Cayambe is the 3rd highest volcano in Ecuador. As a matter of fact, it is the highest point in the world crossed by the equator and the only snow cover point on the equator.

Day 10 will be dedicated to rest. We will do some stretching, meditating and some mental exercises to have that extra fuel that will help us during the climb. We will go to bed very early in the afternoon as the ascend will start late at night, that way we can appreciate a marvelous sunrise.

After descending on the 11th day, we will make our way back to PapaGayo Sur Inn. We will have the rest of the day to reflect about the incredible experience.

Meals: B/L/D (Day 10)

Meals: B/D (Day 11)

Accommodation: PapaGayo Norte & Sur In




On this day we will relax and recover from the previous climbs at the lodge. It is something we advice, as the following day you will climb the mighty Chimborazo. Once again we will do some stretching, meditating and group exercises. If you do wish to plan an activity on this day, it is always possible to do so.

Meals: B/BL/D

Accommodation: PapaGayo South In

13. 14.


The day you have been training for has arrived! At an impressive 6.310 meter, Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador, and one of the highest volcanoes in the world. Even though you begin your climb at an altitude of 4.850 meters, it can take us approximately 12 hours to the summit and descend. This incredible experience will set your mind and body to an ultimate test, which hopefully with our help and the right determination, you will overcome. If, for any reason you do not reach the top, you will take home a beautiful and everlasting memory. Remember, the journey is the destination. Savor and embrace every single moment of your beautiful journey.

Meals: B/L/D (Day 13)

Meals: B/D (Day 14)

Accommodation: Chimborazo Refuge & PapaGayo South In




In life every victory, every journey, every learning experience, should be celebrated. To celebrate this incredible journey we will spend a full day in Papallacta hot-springs, located in a beautiful Andean valley. It will be your choice whether you prefer to pamper yourself in the relaxing natural thermal baths or indulging in a spa treatment.


Meals: B/D

Accommodation: Papallacta



Every good story must come to an end, but let this adventure be a new beginning to a new chapter in your book of life. Look forward to being back home feeling like a new person with many wonderful stories to share. After breakfast and one last meditation we will make our way back to Quito.  

Meals: B

Accommodation: N/A 

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