5 Benefits of Yoga for UNI Students

By: Gretel Pahmer Sanchez - E.E. Chief Story Teller 3 MIN READ. 

By: Gretel Pahmer Sanchez - E.E. Chief Story Teller


“Like I’m walking on a cloud!”. This is literally how I feel after a yoga session.


Being in the middle of my graduate studies makes me understand how stressed and overwhelmed students can get. But little can they imagine that yoga is actually a great tool for dealing with these common symptoms of a student life. Here are the five benefits of practicing yoga while you are in university (whether you are an undergrad or graduate student):


1. Concentration

One of the most valuable skills a student can possess, is the ability to concentrate. You need to concentrate in your classes, while preparing for classes, for writing a paper, to study for exams… You name it! Yoga improves your ability to concentrate because it includes mindfulness meditation and its poses also require your focus to keep balance, so you enter a state of flow. These two factors together, basically make the mind better at concentrating on your studies. Additionally, yoga enhances your memory/retention of information.


2. Relaxation

The mindfulness meditation exercises and the breathing patterns one follows when doing yoga also help the body to relax. Stress is detrimental to our health, but we all know that stress can be very hard to control sometimes, specially during finals… Am I wrong? Yoga can help reduce blood pressure and regulate the good hormones in our bodies, which consequently makes us feel more relaxed –plus it makes us healthier.


3. Group work

Yoga improves your confidence and makes you a happier person. But, this amazing exercise can also help you to work better in group projects. Yoga can help students get along better because it helps the person to control better his/her emotions and reactions. It can also improve your skills to solve problems, listen better to others and be open to different points of view. Yoga helps people to accept and respect others.


4. Posture

We spend hours of our days sitting down. This is bad because, first, sitting for so many hours is harmful for our bodies and health; and second, part of the time we are sitting is in an incorrect position. When you practice yoga you are stretching your body and you stretch all those muscles that have been stilled throughout all those hours of sitting (or maybe before those coming hours). Likewise, yoga helps you improve your sitting posture. As a result, your body will start feeling less pain after spending hours in the library or pulling an all-nighter behind your computer.


5. Sleep

If yoga helps you destressed, focus better during your day to get all your assignments done on time, and work in harmony with your classmates on that tedious group project… Well logically you will be able to sleep better at night (who wouldn’t?). We all have heard multiple times “you need to sleep”, and as much as we want it, sometimes we just cannot get our head to just rest. Yoga is a great solution for this and, fact is, we do need to sleep, our bodies need to properly rest to function efficiently and prevent diseases. So let yoga indulge you with its benefits, close your eyes at night and sleep like a baby.

Nowadays is easy to find yoga classes, and time cannot be an excuse because one click away you can find a 20 minute session if that’s all the time you got. Why not invite your friends and that way motivate each other to follow the classes together. You can adapt your sessions according to your time, needs, and desires. Yoga only brings benefits to your life and I mean if it will help you improve your grades and be on top of everything, then why not take the chance and try it. Only one session will prove you how great and powerful this exercise is. YOHOB –You Only Have One Body– so take care of it because what’s success without wellbeing?

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