Photo by Enso Expeditions all rights reserved.  By: Enso Expeditions 2 MIN READ.

Photo by Enso Expeditions all rights reserved. 

By: Enso Expeditions


Never before had I felt so much potential and fulfillment. 

Two years ago I traveled to India. While planning my trip I didn’t know what to expect. I felt like I was going for something specific - a certain feeling - but I could not point it out back then.

After being there for two weeks, my mind got into this state of wonder, I felt free, and everything I saw, touched, smelled, heard, and tasted rushed thousands of thoughts in my head. 

A whole new world of possibilities. 

I became friends with a group of people whom I met during the volunteering program I was undertaking. Together with them, I traveled to the state of Karnataka. The first day we went to the Dab Dabi falls. I felt the water splashed on my skin like never before, the smell of the fresh and humid forest – I raised my head to the waterfall and felt it with all my senses - I was fully emerged in the moment, and so was everyone else. No better way to describe this feeling than through one of my favorite quotes: 

“And at this moment, I swear, we were all infinite.” - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The second day, we summited Mullayanaguri, the highest peak in the state of Karnataka. Going up there through tiny muddy paths on steep hills was one tough, scary, but fulfilling experience. We were walking into the clouds and unable to see further than a couple of meters ahead of us. So many thoughts passed through my head, I felt aging through time while walking. After reaching the summit, we climbed the stairs to the temple - the wind blowing us away, the mist hitting our skin like sharp needles, my skin got numb. After reaching the summit I felt an incredible satisfaction. Never before had I felt so much potential and fulfillment. 

Each stage during my travel carried an essence, a lesson.

One of my favorite things about traveling is being on the road, the act of traveling in space. If we are not gifted to travel in time yet, we have the freedom to travel in space, and that to me carries all kinds of wonder. 

The night we were going back to Manipal from Coorg, in one of those microbuses, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of absorption. The act of transposing from one experience to the next is very exciting and significant to me. I love looking out from the window while traveling on the road, seeing so many places and people pass by, I just get overwhelmed [pauses] and it’s a nice feeling. 

Through my travels, I’ve learned a lot of things, but the most valuable lesson is that you have to be open to everything. 

You have to welcome things you are not used to. 

I became friends with a Thai person, Salit, who made me realize how different and similar we all are. He taught me that love and respect are the essences of human communications. 

My advice to anyone wanting to travel is to simply be happy with everything.


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