7 Reasons to go on a Mindfulness Expedition

Photo by Enso Expeditions all rights reserved.  2 MIN READ. 

Photo by Enso Expeditions all rights reserved. 


“What if we travel not specifically for what we want to see, but for what we want to become?”

This is the driving question behind a mindfulness expedition. It’s a new way to travel that essentially involves exploring the outside world from within. This creates the most intrapersonal travel experience. There’s more to it than mindfulness and meditation - which by the way is not a thing of hippies, yogis, religions or spiritual people. This is a concept for young people (at least in spirit) who love traveling, adventure, exploring the unknown, and most importantly, growing.      

So why join a Mindfulness Expedition and not some other expedition or regular trip?

1. The New Friends

Young humans, who love traveling, who like adventure and mindfulness, who come from different corners of the world but all share one huge similarity, they love new experiences. You will meet new incredible individuals and most likely forge new friendships. Together we can create a beautiful community.  

2. The Stress Reduction

“Dude, duuude, focus dude, duuude oh he lives! Hey dude!” By the time the expedition is over you will be like Crush from Finding Nemo. How? It’s not secret that the outdoors and mindfulness can greatly reduce your stress. That’s so cool dude!

3. The Strength Increase (come back different)

Come back like Daft Punk “Harder, better, faster, stronger.” You might feel tired the first few days, of course, but then you will feel rejuvenated, unstoppable, like you are a new person taking on the world, while keeping it cool, like Crush.  

4. The Self-awareness

If you manage to get only one thing out of a mindfulness expedition, it will be self-awareness. Inner work is incredibly important, and it surely is a life long practice. But, through a mindfulness expedition, you will cultivate the right practices that can increase your personal understanding and that of your surroundings. Magic!   

5. The Culture Insight

Enso Expeditions aims to create authentic and honest multicultural experiences. By making the expedition and mindfulness leader (EML) the bridge between the local people and the travelers. In turn, creating an understanding and appreciation of the fundamental similarities and beautiful differences that human beings from all over the world share. Basic human connections!

6. The Adventure

Exciting. Bold. Thrilling. Risky. Ecstasy. Remarkable. Out of your comfort zone, but safe. Adventure is a critical factor for an extraordinary experience or expedition. Enso Expeditions takes this very serious; they engineer their activities so they are challenging enough, but not overwhelming; out of your comfort zone but within your control zone.

7. The Create a Better World

Traveling is joy. Sharing your joy with others is even more joyful. But sharing your joy with the less fortunate is priceless. Enso Expeditions created Share The Joy Project to use part of their proceeds in order to improve the education in underprivileged areas, beginning in Ecuador. 


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