Sunday Walks Through The Old Town of Ostuni

Photo by Francesca Gianfiglio all rights reserved.  By: Francesca Gianfiglio | Website: 2 MIN READ.

Photo by Francesca Gianfiglio all rights reserved. 

By: Francesca Gianfiglio | Website:


Sundays are usually for laying in bed all day and get a good recharge of energy for the upcoming work week. But when you are on  holidays in Puglia, you cannot miss out on a chance to take a lovely stroll through the Old Historic Town of Ostuni, the magical White town.

With 30 degrees and the radiant sun shining, we decided to take a nice trip to Ostuni, simply to soak up some warm Southern Italian sun, enjoy a little walk through the narrow alleys of the Old Town, and have a taste of an exquisite Apulian Aperitivo with local delicacies. I can’t forget, the delicious savor of crunchy bruschetta enriched by tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, or the taste of mini parmigiana.

Photo by Francesca Gianfiglio

Photo by Francesca Gianfiglio

Once arrived at Ostuni, we were surprised by the Vintage market happening. We did not think twice and nosed around, just to admire the beautiful antiques on display. We actually returned with two wooden mirrors, three ceramic vases and a gorgeous green glassed “capasone” a large (huge) bottle used originally to store wine after the making. Through the enchanted whitewashed stone walls streets of the Old town we started our adventure, this magical white town is structured on four levels, so we winded our way all the way to the top. The hot weather was totally bearable, since walking through the small alleyways means getting some well deserved fresh wind breezes. A fairy tale town, taking turns left, then right, and then right again, i’ll be honest, we did get lost a few times and returned to the same place twice, (maybe three times) we probably passed by the historic square of the cathedral, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, a few times more, but it was totally worth the story.

Photo by Francesca Gianfiglio.

Photo by Francesca Gianfiglio.

Ostuni Old Town is in one word absolutely surreal, with numerous Hand Manufactured Botteghe and an infinite amount of restaurants and cafés, your Sunday in Ostuni will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.

Just 15km from Ostuni we find Masseria Faraone, experience the Apulian farmhouse in the middle of the Valle d'Itria countryside. Trulli dei Massari may welcome up to 5 guests, with private back garden and fresh vegetables every morning.