20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2017


This year, before I toss the old year away, forget about failures and mistakes, and spring into the new year with a new ambitious resolution in hand, I want to evaluate and reflect on what this year means to me. I hope you join me.

Washing your hands off and forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made is only correct after reflecting upon them. Only after that, must we say ‘mistakes were made, I’ve learned, let’s move on!’

What is the best book I read?

When did I feel the most creative?

Did I spend enough time with the people I love the most?

What has been the hardest thing I did this year?

Did I travel? Where? What did I learn?

What wake up calls did I have?

What are three things this year taught me?

What were my biggest achievements?

What is the kindest act I did?

What is the best thing I did for myself?

What good habit did I pick up this year?

Who is gone? What do I remember that person for?

What struggles did I have? Did I persevere? How?

Did I spend a lot of my time pursuing the small insignificant things?

Who must I forgive?

What’s the best advice I received?

What do I ought to never do again that I did this year?

What did I spend a silly amount of time and money?

Who was my biggest support?

What was the most exciting experience?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer