A Pocket Full Of Treasure


El Dorado was a kingdom where the greatest abundance of wealth was believed to be, a city built out of solid gold, where kids would play with the precious metals, and the king El Dorado would be covered in golden dust so that he would shine like the sun. Perhaps the biggest and most wonderful illusion man has conceived, a deception that cost the lives of many, drove at least one man to suicide, and got another man beheaded.

The legend of El Dorado is a timeless icon that marked my childhood. To this day, I find myself lost in thoughts whenever I make a remark about the story. Not too long ago, I would exit this imaginary world by asking myself the same question I did as a child:

Is this city still hidden from mankind?

Today, that question is irrelevant, because I now understand that the real treasure is not golden, it doesn’t belong to anybody, and it certainly is not lost or waiting to be found. The real treasure has always been there, since the beginning of times, the real treasure does not hide, rather it’s always around, the real treasure serves us, and unlike the many man-made concepts, the real treasure does not need us, we need it.

Every day the sun shines - some days brighter than others – delivering more energy to Earth in an hour than we could possibly consume in a year. This is but one of the many examples of abundance we don’t consider as treasure.

Treasures rarely look the way we envision them, and I can certainly tell you that we all have pockets full of treasures; look where you haven’t searched before.

Ask yourself:

Is this the treasure I so desire?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer