Ideas & Solutions Are Out There


The Internet facilitates a lot of information. Books serve as great inspiration. People in our inner circle can guide us. Yet, very much like problems, ideas and solutions are out there.

You might be very well informed about something, you might even talk often about it. But going out there and experiencing the world is incomparable, and I would say indispensable for a lasting solution or creative idea.

An idea is much more powerful and easier to understand if it came from a personal experience, if you’ve lived it. You won’t find the best solution to the problem by sitting behind the computer.

An abundance of ideas and solutions are out there for you to find. If going out there is not an option, then muse on the times you were out there.

What solution can you come up with by meditating on previous ‘out there’ experiences?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer