Keep Going Like Juan


Juan is a young gaucho in an odyssey. Together with his horse Palomo and dog Canelo, Juan is crossing the Argentinean Pampa in search of Caucho - a rare medical plant for his small community who is slowly dying of an epidemic. They're not sure whether this rare plant actually exists, and even more uncertain whether it will cure them.

It’s the first time Juan leaves his community, the first time his given so much responsibility, the first time in his life that his experiencing so much uncertainty.

Juan is not giving up. All odds are against him, but he is not giving up. Even if it means losing his only two friends, Palomo and Canelo, Juan will go on. Even if the sky starts falling – whatever that means - Juan will go on. Because Juan has a mission, and from the beginning he knew that it was going to be a tough journey. He knows very little about medical plants, but Juan’s mission is way too important to let anything stop him.

Juan’s mission extends beyond him. There’s a lot of pressure and uncertainty with every step, but he has a strong why to take each step.

Whatever journey you are going through, keep going. I believe in you.

Who needs you to keep on going?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselps