Love Is The Only Thing That Doesn’t Hurt


Very often we hear how much love hurts, but in reality – or at least the way I see it – love is the only thing in this world that doesn’t hurt.

Treason, envy, hate, violence, apathy, loathe, dislike, delusions, misunderstandings, death, loneliness. All these things hurt, not love. Love is the only thing capable of healing things which medicine can’t, the only thing making us feel important, that we matter. Love is the essence of humanity, we are born with it, it is not learned, and it’s always within us, it only gets cover by concepts and other emotions.

Love, true love, does not know violence, it doesn’t start wars or kill people. Love is the purest and most powerful emotion. Love is light, love is strength, love unites, love is eternal. Love is there for us to feel it and share it, share it with as many people as you can it will never finish, it’s infinite.

Is it really love or a lack of love that hurts?

Much love,