Not Knowing Can Be Helpful


In a 6th grade class, the algebra teacher dedicated the last 20 minutes discussing a certain equation which simply had no solution. With the chalk in hand, and the attention of his turbulent students he drew the equation on the board and explained why it wasn’t possible to solve this problem. As the bell marked the end of the class and the students started packing their bags to leave, Jeff quickly woke up and jotted the equation on his square paper notebook thinking it was homework.

Jeff was an average student with average grades. He spent the whole week trying to solve the equation. When he realized he wasn’t going very far with the skills he got taught in algebra, he went back to simple arithmetic to solve the problem. On his next algebra class, he handed the paper to his teacher. Surprised by what he saw he asked Jeff how he solved it.

Knowing everything about a specific subject isn’t necessarily good when you are trying to create something no one has ever created before. Sometimes thinking outside of the box is not enough. We must learn to not think of a box at all.

What is we try solving an issue in an irrational matter?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer