Plasticity - The Cheetah Approach


Cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 70mph/112kmph, making it the fastest land animal on Earth. This, however, is not the cheetah’s biggest predatory advantage. Their ability to swerve around, quickly change directions, slow down and stop is what makes their prey so vulnerable.

The human body is like a factory of cells – they’re constantly creating new ones and shipping out old ones. So many physical changes happen without us noticing it that by the end of the year we are a new person, at least physically. Just like our body is excellent at replacing and adapting so is our brain, this is neuroplasticity. Even our genes are capable of being modified according to our environment, best known as epigenetics.

Changing and reinventing ourselves is a must. Take Nokia for example, they began selling paper and rubber boots before becoming the mobile phones giant we all knew. They adopted the cheetah approach – and who knows what they are working on now.

It’s okay to pivot, to change careers, to change your ideas and adjust concepts. Reinventing ourselves is a must. Now, I’m not implying you quit your job and have no responsibilities, but do try new things, if something is not working then change it. Here comes the cliché:

Life is too short to not live like a cheetah.

Are you a cheetah or a sloth?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer