Round Halves


Aristophanes's speech from Plato’s symposium tells us that originally sexes were three; there was man, there was woman and the union of the two. Their back, necks, and sides were round. They had two faces – each looking the opposite way – four arms, four legs, four ears and the remainder to correspond. They could synchronize their moves in perfect harmony to walk back, forth and even roll.

Man was child to the sun, women to the Earth and the moon was a combination of the sun and the Earth. Most likely the reason for them being round.

Their strength and mighty hearts were so great that the gods felt threaten by them. Vanishing them would be unvirtuous, for that reason Zeus decided to split them in half. They would now be greater in number but less powerful.

The legend narrates that after the division man and woman lust for their other half. Men would seek for their other man or woman, and women would seek for their other woman or man. Once they reunited they wanted to do everything together. Should one of the halves die, the other would either die of solitude or search for another mate to grasp.

Life partners are not independent individuals, they are the lost part of us. They are everything we are and everything we are not. They are always behind us and looking out for us. They compliment us, a beautiful balance.

Halves are worth searching for, worth being patience for, worth dying for. When you find your half, don’t let it go. Moving forward, backward or rolling is not quite the same with a misfit.

Why do we crave the other half so much?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer