Humankind has a gift to tell stories. It is the very reason we are able to learn from the past, to have an idea how our ancestors previously lived and how we can move forward. Stories with a good narrative are informative and entertaining. But stories with a character that we can relate to are remarkable, because they narrate our own story. Not all stories have a good ending of course, but sometimes what really matters is the passage. Nonetheless, stories with a good ending allure our thoughts to hope.

You have a story you tell yourself every day. So do I. So is the rest of the world. We all have a story about who we are and how we choose to see the world. Watch the world choose, it’s key.

Experiences shape us, but as soon as they are gone they are nothing but memories. The emotions attached to those memories make up the climax of our story. The story we tell ourselves every day. Emotions are nothing but neurological patterns that can be bent, stretched and even changed. It’s not that simple, but neither is learning a new skill. The reward, though, is earned through practice.

Welcome each new day with the story you want to hear, the story you want to create. Soon enough you might find yourself living that story and others sharing it.

What story do you choose to tell yourself? Will it be happy or sad?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer