Take A Baby Step Today


For about a year I’ve been meaning to write a full and extremely well-written-thought-out-article about life and how I like to see it. There is so much to this topic that it’s impossible for me to finish it. But the real reason why I never finished it’s because I wanted to write something great.

On an interview Will Smith said that “you don’t set out to build the greatest wall that’s ever been built, you don’t start there. You say: I’m going to lay this brick, as perfectly as a brick can be laid.”

That’s it. That’s what got me started writing these columns. I had to stop thinking that my writing and the way I express myself had to be great in order to make it public. I had to stop thinking about making mistakes or being criticized about my thoughts and ideas. I just had to write something small, with hopefully a powerful idea that would impact someone. It didn’t have to be a long and incredibly well written post. Just a thought put in to words. Take the first step, a baby step.

Nothing (unless you are not doing anything) is ever a real failure. Everything you do today, as small and insignificant as it may seem, is the single step of the stairs that you are building to get you where you need to get, wherever that is. Just make sure you work on constructing that step everyday. Don’t make the mistake of counting how many steps you have to build, just focus on the one you are currently building, just that one. Never forget that.

What baby step do I need to take today?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselps