Upgrading From Evernote


For the past year, I've been writing my thoughts in Evernote. From good ideas to bad ideas, from existential questions to business ideas. Anything really. I even have a notebook dedicated to the possible names I will give my children.

So why am I bringing my thoughts to the internet?

You see, I believe that we all have something valuable to share. And if we deliver it to the right person at the right time, we can make a difference in that person's life - same reason why we started Share Your Story. So this column of thoughts is not about me, but about you, the person I wish to inspire and positively impact.

And why out of all places in my companies website?

You might or might not know that Enso Expeditions is a travel company founded by Nicholas and Hansel (me). We don't really like to describe ourselves as a travel company as we are more than that. We are about bringing out the best in people, creating happiness and opportunities for our travelers, our team, our partners, and the communities in need - making this world a better place in our own way. So travel is just a means of accomplishing that. It is for that same reason that I decided (with Nick's consent) that I would aim for the same purpose through this short and easy to digest column that I will be writing on a daily basis.

I like to ask questions. I feel that they have a tremendous power to help us know and understand ourselves and the world just a little better. I will try my very best to leave you with a question that will hopefully make you stop and think. So if there is anything that you want to quickly take away from these posts, take the questions.

What can you share today that can help someone?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselps