Why Do You Do The Things You Do?


Have a strong why and you will be able to bear anything.

Before Enso Expeditions the idea was a travel company with incredible experiences and amazing services. But I felt like we were missing something; I was missing something. I needed to think bigger, something that would scare me, something that would make my daily problems seem tiny.

I went back in time and explored my childhood. I asked myself what were the things that made a big impact on me? Poverty and distress were the answers.

To this day, the memory of children working for a couple of coins in the streets of Venezuela - while I was going to school to learn and play with my friends - is something that’s engraved in me, that still hurts me. That’s not supposed to be like that, the country has failed them. Something is broken, and I’ve taken the responsibility with my endeavor to fix it, or at least try. Education will be the tool; my business will be the catapult; everything else that happens to me, good or bad, will be a consequence, a by-product of trying to fix something bigger than me.

The concept of having a meaningful why in life is simple and powerful. Look back, what has impacted you? What issues in the world or your community bother you the most? What’s broken? It doesn't have to be something big.

Thank you Simon Sinek, because your why inspired my why.

Quick tip: Flip the M in Me, so it’s WE.

Why do you do the things you do?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselps