Work To Become A 'Natural Talent'


Nobody is born knowing how to speak, write, walk, or ride a bicycle. In fact, everything we know today we learned it over time, especially if you are good at it. Sure some of us may be born with a gift or a talent, but I think talent is the socially acceptable act of condemning the not talented and allowing the talented to be lazy.

In the book Grit, psychologist Angela Duckworth studied highly successful people, each in their respective field, like athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc. What she discovered is that when it came down to success or achievement, grit triumphs talent and skill.

Today marks the 33rd day I am writing on a daily basis. I try to express, or at least elaborate, on a new idea or thought every day. The purpose behind this is because I believe that we all have something to say or share that can help someone, and this is my dull attempt. If you allow me to be a little selfish, though, I will also tell you that I am doing this to improve my writing skills. You see, I’ve always been a lousy writer, and oftentimes found it very difficult to express myself. But here I am, showing up every day with (hopefully) something new and valuable to say. Even though my days do not revolve around writing these daily columns, I do take the time to make my writing as pleasant for you as possible.

Although there’s still a lot of work I must do on my writing, small improvements have been made over a short month. I will continue this personal challenge for over a year and hopefully be another evidence of Angela’s thesis.

I invite you to take on a daily challenge yourself to become a talent at something. It will be rewarding.

What can you do to become a ‘natural talent’?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselpahmer