Work To Ship, Not To Perfection


I will ship when it’s ready – Sounds like you? Read this. Doesn’t sound like you? Read this.

The term ‘deadline’ originated from prison camps during war. It was used as a reference, or warning that if the prisoners were to cross the line on the floor, they would be shot to death. Hence the word deadline, because if you cross the line your dead, get it?

When I was in school we always had deadlines, in this case, a due date for an assignment. To me, and many of my friends it worked the following way: our final paper was due on Monday; we worked our best (or not) throughout the weekend to make a decent assignment that will hopefully give us a good result. At some point though (usually Sunday nights), we didn’t care about the quality of the assignment, we only cared about handing it on time. Having something to give to the teacher, to ‘ship’.

The point am trying to make is that we can get better results from putting our work out there than by hiding it. Maybe people will like it or maybe it’s horrible. But you put it out there, and that takes guts, it’s an achievement in itself. Same goes for life really, how long have you been postponing that trip? That Mindfulness Expedition you so want to go on. There will never be a better time than today.

Now, shipping doesn’t mean that you will give people a mediocre product just to meet the deadline. On the contrary, you will work your very best and try to create an excellent product within the planned timeline. It means “this is what I made until now, I worked very hard on it, I hope you like it.”

Of course there are always exceptions, and artist will argue that you can’t put a deadline on art, which is debatable, but ok nothing is absolute. Don’t get stuck on the exception.

Entrepreneurs, do the world a favor and ship your product, launch that beta version. Writers, politicians, professors, we need to know what you think. Scientist, give us the slight possibility of something good even it’s not been approved. YOU, get your work out there, we want to hear from you.

Thank you Seth Godin, because you shipped this idea.

My question for you today is the following:

Am I postponing something until the time is 'right'?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselps