You Are The Greater Good Of Humanity


Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamt that Pope Francis got shot while greeting people in a church. I dreamt that I was being chased for being Hispanic. I dreamt about war and hate. I felt alone; no one was looking out for anybody but for themselves. I felt present in Hernando de la Cruz’s painting, El Infierno (Hell).

Our dreams and nightmares are a manifestation of what lies in our subconscious mind. So this could be a combination of the US elections, Europe’s migratory crisis, my home country going through a devastating time, terrorism, global warming, and the phrase I’ve been hearing more and more, “the world is shit.”

This morning, as a good millenial, I went through my Facebook feed. At least a dozen people want to leave this planet, another dozen are giving up on this planet, and the rest were just sharing animal videos.

I like to live my life in the search of beauty only where tragedy and grief seem to be. I firmly believe that there are no bad people in this world, only good people who do bad things – I know many of you will disagree, and that’s ok. But can we please all agree that we should all be united for the greater good of human kind, for our planet?

I’ve lived the division of a country because of politics, and it only creates hate. I’ve lived the adversity of social inequality, and it helps no one. I’ve lived racism, and nothing good ever came out of that.

Ideal would be a world where people of all ethnicities and beliefs could have a walk in a park and enjoy each other’s company. But perhaps it’s too early for Thomas More’s Utopia. We can however, strive for mutual respect, and that includes no violence.

I want to spend the rest of my life creating things that matter, leading a movement for the good of humanity, and eradicating poverty. Perhaps you want the same, but to truly make a change we need to stay together, and most importantly, stay on this planet. So don’t give up hope, WE NEED YOU. Take this time to find people that want to do something that matters and start. Beauty and happiness will ensue, I promise.

To me, life is all about what you leave when you leave.

What do you want to leave in this world when you leave?

Much happiness,

Hansel | @hanselps